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    • Collateral Damage: Unintended Consequences of Urban Renewal in Baltimore, MD 

      Dannes, Jeffrey J. (2003)
      It bears analyzing some of the commonly observed and advertised effects, both positive and negative, of urban renewal in general, and their particular realization in Baltimore. What follows is an analysis of urban renewal’s ...
    • The Impacts of Gentrification on the San Francisco Bay Area 

      Braverman, Charlotte M. (2018)
      The purpose of this paper is to offer an explanation of the causes and effects of gentrification. First, I will use formal economic models of the markets for both high-end and affordable housing to predict the series of ...
    • Transit-Oriented Development: On Track or Off the Rails? 

      Park, George Brett (2017)
      In recent years TOD has been viewed by policymakers and various interest groups as a panacea to many problems ranging from obesity to increased transportation access for low-income households. But how likely is TOD to ...