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    • [Georgia's Public Defense System] 

      Brauns, Nicholas (2008)
      During the second half of the 20th century, the United States Supreme Court increased the financial burden on state public defender systems by requiring that every defendant actually imprisoned – whether for a felony or a ...
    • Indigent Defense in Virginia: Practical and Empathic Motivations for Reform 

      Kyle, Peter (2008)
      In 1999 an estimated $1.2 billion was spent to provide indigent criminal defense in the nation's 100 most populous counties. This $1.2 billion represents an estimated 3% of all local criminal justice expenditures in these ...
    • Is This Justice? A Look at the Representation Afforded Poor Defendants in America 

      Osteen, Maisie Bruce (2013)
      This paper will articulate the clear nexus between economic stratification and criminal representation. Part II will demonstrate the disparate effects of our system of punishment on the economically disadvantaged and the ...