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    • Human Impacts on Ichthyochory on the Brazilian Amazon (thesis) 

      Alascio, Spencer
      This project reviews the known impacts of dams on ecosystems and how they could be affecting ichthyochory in addition to examining Brazil's current and future direction regarding dams. This work is an expansion of a ...
    • Relative Sediment Loading Hazard of Harford County, Maryland 

      Durham, John D.; Douglas, Chase McBride; Larramendi, Gustavo Adolfo
      Solutions to non-point source runoff are riparian buffers and constructed/remediated wetlands. Built wetlands in Maryland have successfully been able to remove 68% of nitrogen and 43% total phosphorus from runoff. Riparian ...
    • Trophic Dynamics of Smallmouth Bass Invading Coldwater Ecosystems 

      Nettere, Oliver J.
      Smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) are a freshwater fish species that was introduced into Virginia in the late 1800’s. The range of smallmouth bass is expected to expand, with climate change being a primary-driver of ...