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    • Expanding Immigrant Access to Welfare: A Moral Obligation 

      Bowditch, Tilden
      Immigrants who arrive in the United States illegally have no access to federal benefits at all, relying mostly on charity and emergency health care services. The proposed reform, however, would move many of these illegal ...
    • An Illogical Policy Protecting the Dignity of Undocumented Immigrants with Chronic Illness 

      Smith, Jaclyn M.
      This paper assesses the implications of imprecision in federal legislation concerning emergency medical treatment of undocumented immigrants and the obligation of the U.S. to facilitate extended treatment of illegal ...
    • Immigrants and Health Care 

      Ross, Courtney
      This paper seeks to investigate health care related issues for immigrants in the United States, but in particular for the undocumented immigrant population, with a focus on Hispanic immigrants. Because of the inherent ...