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    • “Assessing the Crisis: Black Males and Secondary Education” 

      Poorman, Melissa
      In recent years, Black males have been candidly described as an endangered species. This crisis of the Black male has been attributed to several factors and is visible in literally all aspects of society. They are largely ...
    • Homelessness in Dublin 

      Wylde, Kevin P.
      The question and focus of this project is very much on why there is a large and pervasive problem of homelessness in Dublin. It will also focus on the ethical dimensions present and asking how should the situation be ...
    • Work for the Future: The Unemployment of America's Youth and What We Must Do About It 

      Sterling, Summer
      Since young workers are disproportionately impacted by increases in national unemployment, and they are at a crucial stage of development in the transition from school to work, it is imperative that unemployment relief ...