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    • Proceedings of the Rockbridge Historical Society, Volume 6 (1961-1965) 

      Turner, Charles W. (Charles Wilson), 1916-1999; Lyle, Royster, Jr., 1933-2007; Brooke, George Mercer; Barclay, W. Houston; Anderson, Clinton L.; Leyburn, James Graham; Turner, Theodore R.; Barrett, John G.; Bean, W. Gleason; Cockshutt, Paul R.; Campbell, Stanley W.; Moore, John S.; Motley, Robert C.; Hay, Jr., W. O.; Pogue, Forrest C.; Coulling, Mary P.; Heiner, Anne Brandon; Eby, Cecil D.; McCulloch, Ruth Floyd Anderson, 1876-1971; Munger, Mrs. Robert S. (Rockbridge Historical Society, 1966)