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dc.contributor.authorAgnew, Mrs. Henry
dc.contributor.authorAnderson, Ellen
dc.contributor.authorBouknight, L. E.
dc.contributor.authorBrooke, George Mercer
dc.contributor.authorBuford, Grace
dc.contributor.authorCampbell, L. L. (Leslie Lyle), 1863
dc.contributor.authorCapron, John D.
dc.contributor.authorCouper, Wm. (William), 1884-
dc.contributor.authorCrenshaw, Ollinger, 1904-1970
dc.contributor.authorDavis, William Cole
dc.contributor.authorDice, Walter F.
dc.contributor.authorDiehl, George West
dc.contributor.authorFishwick, Marshall W. (Marshall William), 1923-2006
dc.contributor.authorFlournoy, Fitzgerald, 1899-1964
dc.contributor.authorGoolrick, Chester
dc.contributor.authorLauck, C. Harold (Charles Harold), 1896-
dc.contributor.authorMcCown, Albert
dc.contributor.authorMcCoy, B. H.
dc.contributor.authorMcCulloch, Ruth Floyd Anderson, 1876-1971
dc.contributor.authorMcDonald, Carlyle A.
dc.contributor.authorSale, Mrs. Ernest A.
dc.contributor.authorTompkins, Edmund Pendleton, 1868-1952
dc.contributor.authorTurner, Charles W. (Charles Wilson), 1916-1999
dc.contributor.authorWaddell, Harrington, 1872-1961
dc.contributor.authorWood, A. W.
dc.descriptionThis is the 1993 reprint edition of Volumes 1-4 of the Proceedings of the Rockbridge Historical Society, which includes papers given 1939-1954. These volumes are indexed in Volume 10.en_US
dc.descriptionVolume 2, Table of Contentsen_US
dc.descriptionForeword, page 3en_US
dc.descriptionTitles and Abstracts of Papers Read Before the Society, page 7en_US
dc.descriptionOfficers and Committees, page 8en_US
dc.descriptionRadio Address on the History of the Rockbridge Historical Society, page 9en_US
dc.descriptionArnold's Valley, page 9en_US
dc.description"Big Foot" Wallace, page 10en_US
dc.descriptionRockbridge Men in the Revolutionary War, page 10en_US
dc.descriptionSome Values of the American Revolution, page 11en_US
dc.descriptionOfficers and Cormmittees, 1943, page 11en_US
dc.description"Fancy Hill" Farm, page 13en_US
dc.descriptionThe Virginia Military Institute, page 13en_US
dc.descriptionThe Grigsbys of Rockbridge County, Va., page 14en_US
dc.descriptionHistory -- A Living Thing, page 14en_US
dc.descriptionOfficers and Committees, 1944, page 15en_US
dc.descriptionJohn Letcher and the Ruffner Pamphlet of 1847, page 17en_US
dc.descriptionGeneral Elisha Franklin Paxton, page 17en_US
dc.descriptionRockbridge in the Revolutionary War, page 17en_US
dc.descriptionRockbridge Baths and Vicinity, page 17en_US
dc.descriptionOfficers and Committees, 1945, page 18en_US
dc.descriptionThe Washington and Lee Ambulance Unit, page 20en_US
dc.descriptionMap of Rockbridge County, Virginia, page 20en_US
dc.descriptionJ. R. Sitlington Sterrett, page 21en_US
dc.description"Clover Hill" and "Silverwood", page 21en_US
dc.descriptionOld Homes in the Vicinity of High Bridge Church, page 21en_US
dc.descriptionOfficers and Committees, 1946, page 22en_US
dc.descriptionThe Iron Furnaces and Forges of Rockbridge County, page 23en_US
dc.descriptionRockbridge Service Men in World War II, page 24en_US
dc.descriptionDonations, pages 25-29en_US
dc.descriptionTreasurer's Report, page 30en_US
dc.descriptionArticles of Constitution, page 31en_US
dc.descriptionBy-Laws, pages 32-35en_US
dc.descriptionList of Members, pages 37-41en_US
dc.descriptionMemorial Roll, page 42en_US
dc.descriptionVolume 3, Table of Contentsen_US
dc.descriptionThe Beginnings of the Rockbridge Historical Society, page ien_US
dc.descriptionForeward, page iiien_US
dc.descriptionHistorical Sketch of Bethany Lutheran Church, page 3en_US
dc.descriptionRockbridge County and the Secession Convention in 1861, page 7en_US
dc.descriptionRockbridge's Part in the Development of the Nation, page 10en_US
dc.descriptionThe Valley Railroad in Rockbridge County, page 18en_US
dc.descriptionOld Oxford Church, page 24en_US
dc.descriptionEarly Virginia Railroad Movement, page 30en_US
dc.descriptionWilson's Springs, page 35en_US
dc.descriptionMonmouth Church, page 40en_US
dc.descriptionJohn Robinson of Hart's Bottom, page 46en_US
dc.descriptionDonations to Rockbridge Historical Society, page 52en_US
dc.descriptionArticles of Constitution, page 54en_US
dc.descriptionBy-laws, page 56en_US
dc.descriptionRoll of Members, page 60en_US
dc.descriptionMemorial Roll, page 67en_US
dc.descriptionVolume 4, Table of Contentsen_US
dc.descriptionIn Memoriam, pages 2-3en_US
dc.descriptionPreident's Page, page 4en_US
dc.descriptionAddress Summaries: 1. Miss Ellen Anderson, "The French Guns at V. M. I.," page 5en_US
dc.description2. Dr. Leslie L. Campbell, "The Castle," page 6en_US
dc.description3. Dr. E. P. Tompkins, "Ephraim McDowell, Pioneer Surgeon," page 6en_US
dc.description4. Dr. Fitzgerald Flournoy, "The Grigsbys of Rockbridge," page 7en_US
dc.description5. Dr. George West Diehl, "The Awakening Comes to Rockbridge, 1789," page 10en_US
dc.description6. Mrs. Henry Agnew, "The Jordan Family," page 12en_US
dc.description7. Dr. Marshall W. Fishwick, "Michael Miley -- General Lee's Photographer," page 13en_US
dc.description8. Col. Chester Goolrick, "Some Rockbridge County Springs," page 15en_US
dc.description9. Dr. B. H. McCoy, "Bishop William Taylor," page 16en_US
dc.description10. Mrs. Charles McCulloch, "The Blue Hotel 1817-1947," page 18en_US
dc.description11. Mr. John D. Capron, "Virginia's Lost Industry," page 21en_US
dc.description12. dr. Albert McCown, "The Memoirs of James L. McCown, C. S. A.," page 24en_US
dc.description13. Dr. Charles W. Turner, "Andrew Moore, Rockbridge Soldier, Statesman, and First Senator From West of the Mountains," page 25en_US
dc.description14. Dr. George West Diehl, "Take the Hatchet Out of the Head of the Six Nations," page 29en_US
dc.description15. Col. George Brooke, "John Mercer Brooke, 1826-1906," page 32en_US
dc.description16. Col. William Couper's Address at the Dedication of W. D. Washington Plaque in the Stonewall Jackson Cemetary, November 18, 1951, page 34en_US
dc.descriptionMembership, page 37en_US
dc.descriptionOfficers, page 40en_US
dc.descriptionFinancial Reports, page 41en_US
dc.descriptionAccomplishments, page 42en_US
dc.descriptionDonations, page 44en_US
dc.descriptionArtifacts, page 45en_US
dc.descriptionNecrology, page 49en_US
dc.descriptionConstitution, page 49en_US
dc.descriptionBy-Laws, page 50en_US
dc.descriptionVolume 1, Table of Contentsen_US
dc.descriptionMap of Borden's Grant, Frontispieceen_US
dc.descriptionReminiscent, page 3en_US
dc.descriptionOrganization of the Society, page 5en_US
dc.descriptionOfficers and Committees,1939, page 6en_US
dc.descriptionRed House, page 8en_US
dc.descriptionBorden's Grant, page 12en_US
dc.descriptionWar and Work, page 26en_US
dc.descriptionYesteryears of .Falling Spring Church, page 43en_US
dc.descriptionFifth Quarterly Meeting, 1940 -- 0fficers and Committees, page 60en_US
dc.descriptionRockbridge and Its County Seat, page 62en_US
dc.descriptionThe Life Story of Mary Moore of Abb's Valley, page 78en_US
dc.descriptionThe Cradle-Bed of Mary Moore Brown, page 88en_US
dc.descriptionHistory of New Providence Church, page 90en_US
dc.descriptionReports, page 102en_US
dc.descriptionArticles of Constitution, page 105en_US
dc.descriptionList of Members, page 112en_US
dc.descriptionMemorial Roll, page 117en_US
dc.publisherRockbridge Historical Societyen_US
dc.rightsThis material is made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to U.S. Copyright law. The user assumes full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used should be fully credited with the source. Permission for publication of this material, in part or in full, must be secured with the Head of Special Collections.en_US
dc.titleProceedings of the Rockbridge Historical Society, Volumes 1-4 (1939-1954)en_US
dc.rights.holderRockbridge Historical Societyen_US
dc.subject.fastHistory -- Societies, etc.en_US
dc.subject.fastConference papers and proceedingsen_US

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    Volumes contain papers given by members of the Rockbridge Historical Society at Society meetings.

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