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    • Proceedings of the Rockbridge Historical Society, Volumes 1-4 (1939-1954) 

      Agnew, Mrs. Henry; Anderson, Ellen; Bouknight, L. E.; Brooke, George Mercer; Buford, Grace; Campbell, L. L. (Leslie Lyle), 1863; Capron, John D.; Couper, Wm. (William), 1884-; Crenshaw, Ollinger, 1904-1970; Davis, William Cole; Dice, Walter F.; Diehl, George West; Fishwick, Marshall W. (Marshall William), 1923-2006; Flournoy, Fitzgerald, 1899-1964; Goolrick, Chester; Lauck, C. Harold (Charles Harold), 1896-; McCown, Albert; McCoy, B. H.; McCulloch, Ruth Floyd Anderson, 1876-1971; McDonald, Carlyle A.; Sale, Mrs. Ernest A.; Tompkins, Edmund Pendleton, 1868-1952; Turner, Charles W. (Charles Wilson), 1916-1999; Waddell, Harrington, 1872-1961; Wood, A. W. (Rockbridge Historical Society, 1993)