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    • Incommensurability, relativism, scepticism: reflections on acquiring a concept 

      Goldberg, Nathaniel; Rellihan, Matthew (Final published version of article copyrighted by Blackwell, 2008)
      Some opponents of the incommensurability thesis, such as Davidson and Rorty, have argued that the very idea of incommensurability is incoherent and that the existence of alternative and incommensurable conceptual schemes ...
    • Re-Thinking the Machine Metaphor: On the Irreducibility of Bodies, Minds and Meanings 

      Lowney, Charles W. (Final published version of article copyrighted by SAGE, 2011)
      Michael Polanyi's conceptions of tacit knowing and emergent being are used to correct a reductionism that developed from, or reacted against, the excesses of several Cartesian assumptions: (1) the method of universal doubt; ...