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dc.contributor.authorBrooke, George Mercer, Jr.
dc.contributor.authorSimpson, Pamela H. (Pamela Hemenway), 1946-2011
dc.contributor.authorMason, Mary Moore Montgomery
dc.contributor.authorHeffelfinger, Jen Wade
dc.contributor.authorWhipple, Mollie Sue
dc.contributor.authorStearns, Laura Moore
dc.contributor.authorDeLaney, Theodore Carter, Jr. (1943-2020)
dc.contributor.authorLatture, Rupert Nelson
dc.contributor.authorHeflin, Sterling M.
dc.contributor.authorClark, Carmen E., 1914-
dc.contributor.authorHotinger, Agnes L.
dc.contributor.authorPotter, Emory M.
dc.contributor.authorPotter, Charles A.
dc.contributor.authorAx, George B.
dc.contributor.authorPaxton, Matthew W., Jr.
dc.contributor.authorMcDaniel, John M.
dc.contributor.authorAdams, James T., Jr.
dc.contributor.authorRay, Randall
dc.contributor.authorCoulling, Mary P.
dc.contributor.authorRaynal, H. Middleton
dc.contributor.authorDooley, Edwin L., Jr., 1942-
dc.contributor.authorLuck, Barbara R.
dc.contributor.authorSanders, I. Taylor (Irwin Taylor), 1943-
dc.contributor.authorGaines, James E., Jr
dc.contributor.authorLyle, Katie Letcher, 1938-
dc.contributor.authorBrundage, W. Fitzhugh (William Fitzhugh), 1959-
dc.contributor.authorBrady, Douglas Ellinipsico, Jr. 1916-2001
dc.contributor.authorLetcher, John Seymour, 1941-
dc.contributor.authorSimpson, Pamela H. (Pamela Hemenway), 1946-2011
dc.contributor.authorHadsel, Winifred, 1917-
dc.contributor.authorTurner, Charles W. (Charles Wilson), 1916-1999
dc.contributor.authorMorrison, James B.
dc.contributor.authorCrawford, Barbara L.
dc.contributor.authorLyle, Royster, Jr., 1933-2007
dc.contributor.authorDavis, Thomas W. (Thomas Webster), 1942-
dc.contributor.authorHunter, Robert F.
dc.contributor.authorRuss, Kurt C.
dc.contributor.authorRyan, Laurence K.
dc.contributor.authorBland, Larry I.
dc.contributor.authorWilson, Paul C.
dc.contributor.authorSeeger, Mike, 1933-2009
dc.contributor.authorBlair, Louis
dc.contributor.authorMiller, William McElwee
dc.contributor.authorVaisey, David G.
dc.contributor.authorMcClung, Hunter
dc.contributor.authorPusey, Mary Hope
dc.contributor.authorBuchanan, William, 1918-2003
dc.contributor.authorCummings, Mary Frances
dc.contributor.authorHuntley, Robert E. R, 1929-
dc.descriptionThis is Volume 10 of the Proceedings of the Rockbridge Historical Society, which contains the papers presented between 1980-1989 and an index.en_US
dc.descriptionVolume 10, Table of Contentsen_US
dc.descriptionForeword by Winifred Hadsel, page vien_US
dc.descriptionPreface, page viiien_US
dc.descriptionPART ONE; The First Fifty Years of the Rockbridge Historical Society, George M. Brooke, Jr., page 3;en_US
dc.descriptionPART TWO; The Architecture of Rockbridge County, Chapter l; Or, How Does a House Mean?, Pamela H. Simpson, page 77en_US
dc.descriptionJohn M. Brooke: The Lexington Years, George M. Brooke, Jr., page 87en_US
dc.descriptionThe Village of Brownsburg, Mary Moore Montgomery Mason, Jen Wade Heffelfinger, Mollie Sue Whipple, page 105en_US
dc.descriptionFirst Years and First Families: Rockbridge County, 1735-1745, Laura Moore Stearns, page 117en_US
dc.descriptionAspects of Black Religious and Educational Development in Lexington, Virginia, 1840-1928, Theodore C. DeLaney, Jr., page 139en_US
dc.descriptionPre-World War I Student Life at Washington & Lee and VMI: Recollections of Rupert Latture and "Sam" Heflin, page 152en_US
dc.descriptionThe Collierstown Story, Carmen E. Clark, Agnes L. Hotinger, Emory M. Potter, Charles A. Potter, George B. Ax, page 163en_US
dc.descriptionBringing the Railroad to Lexington, 1866-1883, Matthew W. Paxton, Jr., page 180en_US
dc.descriptionArchaeological Interpretations of Upland Historical Sites in Rockbridge County: The Opportunities and Challenges, John McDaniel, James T. Adams, Jr., Randall Ray, page 191en_US
dc.descriptionRobert E. Lee's Views on Women's Education, Mary P. Coulling, page 203en_US
dc.descriptionThe Meeting House by the Falling Spring, H. Middleton Raynal, page 221en_US
dc.descriptionLexington Ledgers: A Source for Social History, Edwin L. Dooley, Jr., page 236en_US
dc.descriptionLewis Miller's Virginia, Barbara R. Luck, page 245en_US
dc.description"Zealous for the House of God": New Monmouth Presbyterian Church, Its First Two Centuries, I. Taylor Sanders II, page 273en_US
dc.descriptionVMis Library, 1839-1939: Its History as Shown in Local Records, James E. Gaines, Jr., page 287en_US
dc.description"Scalded to Death by the Steam": Railroad Disasters and the Ballads Written About Them, Katie Letcher Lyle, page 299en_US
dc.descriptionThe Episcopal Church and VMI in the Early Years, George M. Brooke, Jr., page 317en_US
dc.descriptionShifting Attitudes Towards Slavery in Antebellum Rockbridge County, Fitzhugh Brundage, page 333en_US
dc.descriptionViews of and on East Lexington, D. E. Brady, Jr., John S. Letcher, B. P. Knight, page 345en_US
dc.descriptionMeet Me in St. Louis: Lexingtonians Go to the Fair, Pamela H. Simpson, page 355en_US
dc.descriptionWho s Who in the Streets of Lexington, Winifred Hadsel, page 365en_US
dc.descriptionThe American Thomas Arnold: Francis H. Smith of the Virginia Military Institute, Edwin L. Dooley, Jr., page 375en_US
dc.descriptionAgricultural Expositions and Fairs in Rockbridge County, 1828-1891, Charles W. Turner, page 387en_US
dc.descriptionSocial Dance in Nineteenth Century Rockbridge County, James B. Morrison, page 411en_US
dc.descriptionRockbridge Artists and Artisans, Barbara Crawford and Royster Lyle, page 425en_US
dc.descriptionThe Swing Meets the Spirit: Reflections on Collegiate Athletic History, Thomas W. Davis, page 429en_US
dc.descriptionNew Light at the End of Crozet's Tunnel, Robert F. Hunter, page 443en_US
dc.descriptionThe Traditional Pottery Manufacturing Industry in Virginia: Examples from Botetourt and Rockbridge Counties, Kurt C. Russ, page 453en_US
dc.descriptionThe Constitution and the Rockbridge Delegation, Laurence K. Ryan, page 491en_US
dc.descriptionGeorge C. Marshall: The Lexington Connection, Larry I. Bland, page 507en_US
dc.descriptionThe Mystery of James Gibbs, Paul C. Wilson, page 519; Traditional Music in Virginia, Mike Seeger, page 527en_US
dc.descriptionFrom Springfield to Zack: Communities of Rockbridge County, D. E. Brady, Jr., page 541en_US
dc.descriptionOld Times at Rockbridge Baths, Louis Blair and William McElwee Miller, page 551en_US
dc.descriptionThe Joys and Rewards of Local History, David G. Vaisey, page 561en_US
dc.descriptionA Point of View on "Points of View," Pamela H. Simpson, page 577en_US
dc.description1939 Remembered: Some Oral History of Fifty Years Ago, Hunter McClung, Mary Hope Pusey, William Buchanan, Robert Hunter, Mary Frances Cummings, page 585en_US
dc.descriptionThe Way We Were, Robert E. R. Huntley, page 595en_US
dc.descriptionI: Rockbridge Genealogy, Charles W. Turner, page 609en_US
dc.descriptionII: Open House Essays on Lexington Lore, page 614en_US
dc.descriptionIII: Constitution and By-Laws of the Rockbridge Historical Society, page 620en_US
dc.descriptionIV: Acquisitions Policy: Manuscript Collection, page 627en_US
dc.descriptionV: Rockbridge Historical Society Collections Policy for Objects, page 632en_US
dc.descriptionVI: President's Report, 1987-1988-1989, Winifred Hadsel, page 638en_US
dc.descriptionVII: Memorial Resolution, Pamela H. Simpson, page 642en_US
dc.descriptionCUMULATIVE INDEX, Volumes 1-10, page 644en_US
dc.format.extent622 pagesen_US
dc.publisherRockbridge Historical Societyen_US
dc.rightsThis material is made available for use in research, teaching, and private study, pursuant to U.S. Copyright law. The user assumes full responsibility for any use of the materials, including but not limited to, infringement of copyright and publication rights of reproduced materials. Any materials used should be fully credited with the source. Permission for publication of this material, in part or in full, must be secured with the Head of Special Collections and Archives.en_US
dc.titleProceedings of the Rockbridge Historical Society, Volume 10 (1980-1989)en_US
dc.rights.holderRockbridge Historical Societyen_US
dc.subject.fastHistory -- Societies, etc.en_US
dc.subject.fastConference papers and proceedingsen_US

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